Project Intelligence Report: Emerald Gateway

Project Facts


Emerald Gateway


Abu Dhabi, UAE

Estimated Cost

USD 2.2 billion as announced in 2007

Start Date


Finish Date



The development includes 88 Towers on both sides of a 3.5 kilometer segment of the Highway. The Emerald Gateway’ 88 towers are situated in two unique development districts; the Canal Park Neighborhood and the Recreational Park Neighborhood.

  1. The Canal District will feature 42 tower plots along the canal edge
  2. The Recreational Park Neighborhood sits along the southern edge of the site and will include 46 tower plots.

Project Stakeholders


Abu Dhabi Municipality (ADM)

Architectural Design

KEO International Consultants

Master Planning

KEO International Consultants

Landscape Design

Carol R Johnson Associates Landscape Architects (CRJA)

Infrastructure Engineering

KEO International Consultants

Transportation Engineering

KEO International Consultants

Traffic Studies

KEO International Consultants


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