Our research and project execution process is based on a structured and systematic approach, which is proactive, detailed and target oriented. This process begins with understanding the client’s needs and goes all the way to post follow-up with both client and project requirements.

Global Markets’ research methodology depends on covering large sample sizes of businesses that have physical market presence. The significant coverage of businesses and industries helps reach new conclusions and ideas that are impossible to obtain by conducting secondary research of markets. The detailed and micro study of business and brands is the key differentiator factor for Global Markets’ business model. The company’s strength in linking information from business owners to their operating branches is valuable to reach and better understand market conditions.

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Project Definition

Defining a project and its requirements is the most important step in every project. Understanding clients requirements leads to better project deliveries and conclusions. Several kick off meetings are usually conducted to study and better understand client’s needs and ideas to strategize the projects time and resources.

Secondary Research

Secondary research involves exploring information available from previously published sources. Such research helps formulate an idea of the international and local perception of the researched topic and establish a more accurate understanding of the general supply and demand trends.

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Primary Research

Global Markets’ main strength is its power to conduct face to face interviews with industry experts at large scales. The key to our success is our determination to visit, interview, and analysis each product and service providing facility. Such detailed and micro focus on market players enabled Global Markets to build and construct better data estimates and therefore derive better conclusions.