Credible market estimates with localized insights

Global Markets introduced international market research practices in the GCC countries more than 10 years ago. Profiling businesses, brands, and performances enabled Global Markets to develop highly credible market insights.

Data driven services

Our macrodata are constructed via profiling and identifying the smallest revenue generators such as stores. That microprofiling enables Global Markets clients in obtaining reliastic, uptodate, and localized market indicators.

The micro profiling of businesses and outlets laid the foundation to business intelligence analyses and tools to assistant business owners in becoming proactive in measuring competitive impact within close radius around their business terrirotries.

Umbrella is a business intelligence platform that enables members to research value and volume indicators of different industries.

The massive data intake Global Market exercises from different publicly available data in English and Arabic enabled the company to develop efficient and localized knowldge of data cleaning pratices in the region.

Global Markets’ ongoing and wide-ranging research initiatives carried out throughout the GCC countries have empowered the company to create comprehensive economic concentration reports, which serve to aid both its clients in their acquisition endeavors and regulatory bodies.

The bottom-up approach of sizes and share estimates is key to Global Markets’ ability to provide insights in a region that lacks micro level data.

Helping different industries one data point at a time

Expand strategically

Brands & Operators

  • Growth strategy
  • Site selection
  • Competitive analysis

Develop Intelligently

Real Estate Developers

  • Tenant Mix Planning
  • Gap Analysis
  • Leasing Strategy

Secure sucessful investments

Financial Institutions

  • Performance validation
  • Industry & company growth potential estimats

The Umbrella Project

The Platform

Umbrella is a business intelligence platform that enables members to view, research, and analyze value and volume indicators of different industries. Such information benefits both existing market players and new entrants to learn about the potential of their markets and their market position.

The Apps

Umbrella Monitors provides listed businesses of monitoring their stores of being set to busy without their permission to better control of their delivery sales

Tenants looking to obtain quick leasing benchmarking of their intended store is now possible with the Umbrella Leasing Analysis tool

Evaluating sites to check their suitablity to your brand is made easier with the Umbrella Site Analysis tool

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