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Brands & Operators

Data driven strategy planning and competitive analysis is key to acquire bigger market share.

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Real Estate

Real estate developers, leasing teams, and propery owners, all have been adopting Global Markets real estate data tools

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Financial Institutions

Acquiring new ventures, validating market data, and estimate investment market potential can only be done through credible market data.

— Brands and Operators

Compete Intelligently

Building market data by profiling operating outlets is key to having an accurate market reflection of the market. Brand owners having existing brands or launching a new brand have benefited from Global Markets data by:

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis and learnig about the direct and indrect competitors is key to building a proactive market player.

Geo tagging stores and outlets and correlate performance estimates with catchment demographics is a cornerstone to building a strong growth strategy.

Geo Mapping

Growth Strategy

A growth strategy that is built on micro level data of store performances and correlated with store data attributes such as hosted real estate, store type, weekday and weekend sales estimates, and geographic vs. demographic data is a strategy brands and operators can rely on.

A scientific site selection approach built on a competitive analysis backed by real estate data and a gap analysis enables brands to reach untapped markets.

Site Selection

— Real Estate

Develop and Lease Intelligently

Real estate is a construct that features spaces generating rent income to the developer and/or landlord. Filling spaces with the right tenant that can generate healthy commercial revenue is key in mainting interrupted rent income flow to the developer. The filling of real estate spaces is challenging in knowning what might work in an excisting development and it is more challenging in planning an empty plot. Global Market micro level outlet profiling methodology has helped real estate developers and landlords in identifying the right tenant mix and create successful real estate developments.

Tenant Mix PLanning

Global Markets data clusters outlets by activity use, geo location, financal performance, and hosted real estate which are used to create a healthy tenant mix of activities that are absent yet demanded in a catchment area.

Lease Rate Strategy

Periodic lease rate & store vacanies monitoring shapes a lease rate benchmark of current and historic rates. Such information also backs any lease strategy given the development type, size, and design characteristics.

Gap Analysis

Geographical mapping of business supply enabled Global Markets to develop reliable gap analyses of missing activities to service consumer demand & therefore enable existing landlords and real estate developers to plan and fill their outlet vacancies.

— Financial Institutions

Secure Successful Investments

Market and industry sizes are built on commercial blocks of businesses such as offices and stores that are classified and categorized based on business activities. Building shares by profiling outlet performances and operational characteristics creates a well defined market size with indepth and localized market understanding of performance dynamics. Such indepth understanding have enabled Global Markets to validate investment targets performances and measure market expansion potential.

Investment Growth Potential
Performance Validation
Industry Sizes and Shares