Global Markets Launches Riyadh and Doha Offices

Global Markets inaugurated its offices in Riyadh, Saudi Arabi and in Doha, Qatar this November. Global Markets has been managing its GCC operations from its headquarters in Kuwait since 2010 but the growing diverse market demand led to establishing the company’s offices in Riyadh and Doha.

Riyadh continues to thrive at a faster pace given the 2030 vision which touches in all market aspects. Expanding to Doha, Qatar was another strategic decision where we believe the FIFA 2022 world cup is just a milestone of the country’s ambitious plans to position itself as a dynamic economic powerhouse in the region.

Global Markets’ vision is to utilize the newest technologies and follow the best research methodologies that fit the GCC culture. Such localized research methodology enabled us to work with key regional players that brought and enabled the company to thrive and compete with the international research agencies. Global Markets has been deploying state of the art technological tools and solutions for their clients that utilize our hard-working primary researchers who obtain their insights from conducting field research works. Such extensive and time-consuming approach is key to build credible market sizes and shares which we lacked for the longest time in the GCC specially for family and privately owned companies. Additionally, we have been busy rebuilding public domain databases in the GCC in order to build a coherent demographics and economical snapshot of the 6 countries. Finally, the ambitious bottom-up research methodology undertaken by the Global Markets team is key to its success in developing and living up to its moto “mapping sizes and shares”. Without the ability to profile every outlet in the GCC market, it is impossible to reach a reliable reflection of how businesses are performing and behaving geographically in the demographics and economical dynamics.

Kuwait was the kickoff in 2010 and eleven years later Riyadh and Doha. Launching Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, and Muscat is coming soon after.