Global Markets launches Corona Business Impact Platform

Global Market, a leading market research company set in Kuwait, has launched a version of its Umbrella intelligence platform dedicated to the impact of Coronavirus in Kuwait. The special platform measures the effect of Coronavirus spread on the different businesses and industries. Global Markets’ strength in estimating performances and developing market snapshots is of crucial importance that the company decided to develop it and share it for free with the business community in Kuwait.

The platform features detailed quantitative and qualitative estimates on fashion, foodservice, fast moving consumers goods (FMCG), and electronics retail industries in Kuwait from February onwards. The platform features interactive maps and graphs that are linked to local events along with their impact on the different industries. Additionally, detailed analysis of the different industries with insights and action plans are also included. Global Markets is also featuring a free version of its Umbrella map element to showcase the impact of the Coronavirus on the different governorates.

The Coronavirus edition of the platform also includes information on government stimulus package comparison by GCC country. The stimulus package comparison compares the different fiscal and monetary steps taken by each GCC country and the value of such stimulus packages relative to their Gross Domestic Product. Additionally, the platform includes a news tracker component, enabling business owners to compare and see the different preventive steps taken by each GCC country. The news are classified as business restrictions, government restrictions, religious restrictions, reopening measures, etc.
The special edition Coronavirus platform is built on Global Markets’ Umbrella platform which launched in 2018. Umbrella is a user-friendly business intelligence platform with comprehensive data about businesses in the region. The subscription-based service boasts a user-friendly platform, designed to focus on quantifying business locations and connecting their operational and performance characteristics. Umbrella is developed around 4 elements; people, companies, brands, and locations. Each element includes geographical locations of outlets, contact information (social media, email, and phone numbers), subsidiaries, business affiliates, estimated sales. The service can be accessed on

Global Markets has set striding steps in transforming the business data and information grounds in the GCC for ten years and has recently launched a business intelligence game changer. Businesses have long been lacking the credible information and data sources in the industries they compete in the region. The research methodology undertaken by Global Markets has proven reliable and trustworthy by many conglomerates. Conducting intensive primary research with 100% sample coverage is key in reducing the margin of error and developing more micro level understanding of market dynamics.
About Global Markets

Global Markets is a market research and a business intelligence company that was established in 2010 in Kuwait. The company estimates market sizes and shares by conducting on-site primary and secondary research. The detailed and micro study of businesses and brands is the key differentiator factor for Global Markets’ businesses model. The company’s strength in linking information from business owners to their operating branches is valuable to better understand market conditions.