Business Pulse Podcast 4: Real Estate Development Trends and Retail Challenges

The Retail Real Estate developments and Retail Industry are witnessing alarming indicators as a result of trends started ten years ago, which are now an expected reality.  Consumers have wide options and channels to choose from and they are turning to online shopping at a faster rate than expected, challenging the shopping malls to focus on new categories and building upon the dining, entertainment, workout destinations for an overall experience.
According to the a recent study by Alpen Capital; the GCC is expected to 6.2 million square meters in retail GLA supply in 5 years.  Real estate developers must develop new shopping, dining and entertainment experiences to capture the evolving consumer habits.

We welcome Mr. Sanjay Madhok, a prominent retail and leasing consultant in the GCC to talk about the challenges real estate developers and retail operators are facing. Mr. Madhok’s long and rich experience in retail management, business development, property analysis and leasing functions have earned him the role of a specialist in the industry. Please visit Sanjay’s LinkedIn page at for more information and/or inquiries.